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Rachael Acks is a writer, geologist, and sharp-dressed sir. In addition to her steampunk novella series, she’s had short stories in Strange Horizons, Lightspeed, Daily Science Fiction, Shimmer, and more. She’s an active member of SFWA, the Northern Colorado Writer’s Workshop, and Codex.

She loves movies, nerdy things, cats, and writing, and blogs about all of those and more whenever the mood strikes. She’s written film reviews forĀ Strange Horizons andĀ Mothership Zeta, and if you want to support her compulsive and sometimes ridiculous note-taking, she’s got a Patreon for that.

Rachael is also a working scientist, and it should be understood that any and all opinions on this website are hers alone and reflect in no way upon her employer.

Rachael lives in Houston (where she bicycles, drinks tea, and twirls her ever so dapper mustache) with her two furry little bastards cats.

(And if you’re curious about the distinctive way she dresses, some basic information for you here!)


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  1. Reply Bianca T. Sep 12,2013 17:31

    Firstly, HA! FIrst post! Secondly, I’ve been following the Acherontia series for YEARS. Since just after they were released. It’s the only fic title I remember from all the ones I’ve read, and I’ve come back and read the entirety of the series more times than I care to admit. You are an AMAZING writer, and now I find you’re a Geologist too!? Dude. Your coolness factor can’t go any higher. <3 Lots of love from a long time GW fan (and fellow envrionmental nerd).


    • Reply Rachael Sep 12,2013 17:43

      Glad you still like the fic! I’m still fond of it too. I hope you’ll like my original writing as much if you give it a try. ;) Welcome and hello!

      • Reply Bianca T. Sep 12,2013 19:50

        Oh I fully plan on reading your original works as well. If they’re written HALF as well as the GW series, they’ll be a JOY to read. :3 (She says as she just finished Anax for the upteenth time, lol)

  2. Reply Stuart Feb 5,2014 11:46


    Just discovered Strange Horizons and read Significant Figures. It was BRILLIANT! I then found Samsara at Waylines. You are one hell of a writer!

  3. Reply Dr. Scott Jul 14,2014 14:31

    I’d just like to sincerely thank you for your brave review of the latest Tranformers piece of eye poo. Your selfless sacrifice of 47 hours of your life has now made it possible for me to further abuse my young transfiend-friend endlessly.
    As you travel forward please know your sacrifice has not been in vain.
    Hail Hydra.

  4. Reply tiedyeguy Jan 8,2015 14:38

    Just wanted to say thanks for They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain on Lightspeed, I enjoyed it thoroughly! Thanks!

  5. Reply tiedyeguy Jan 8,2015 14:39

    Just wanted to say thanks for They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain on Lightspeed. I enjoyed it thoroughly! Thanks!

  6. Reply Gaelan M May 17,2015 17:25

    Male here quite surprised at your picture its always different how u imagine someone and how they truly look. A beautiful lady indeed.
    I read your gw aa fanfic back when i was ten years old. Needless to say it blew my mind and even after 15 years i tried to remember the name to reread it. Its not that mindblowing now as ive been desensitized by the many horrors of the internet.
    But i do say that someone summed it up best when they said only fanfic that i ever remembered the name.
    I will attempt to read your original stuff but im broke so if i do read it, i will have to download it illegally lol.
    Best of luck with your career you are obviously a talented writer.

    • Reply Rachael May 20,2015 10:19

      Gosh, I’m glad that you enjoyed the fic! If you go to the “writing” tab, pretty much every short story there is online for free from the fine magazines that bought them. My novellas are not currently available due to my former publisher imploding, though they were not free.

      I understand the being broke thing. (I’m in a much better position than most writers because I’m not yet trying to support myself with writing income and have a good job.) All I’d ask is that if you do have to download books illegally because you can’t afford them, please buy books when you can afford to do so and help the writers you like out by finding them other readers who like them. Sometimes getting the word out is the most valuable thing of all. :)

  7. Reply ginnyswart Aug 4,2015 01:22

    Loved your amygdala story on Daily Sci Fi this morning. Great piece!

  8. Reply Jonathan Aug 23,2015 23:48

    It was great to meet you in Spokane, and thanks for the warm, warm welcome. :)

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