What a difference a trailer makes 5

I’m actually contemplating seeing Hitman: Agent 47 this weekend. This is mostly my BFF Mike’s fault, because he is weak to incredibly stupid and trashy action movies. But I’m willing to actually go along with him on this one, which I think is pretty much the cinematic equivalent of sitting on a curb and eating cookie dough straight ...

With Regards to “No Award.” 4

Edit at 0820 on 8/25: Due to writing this post at the end of an extremely long day, I misunderstood section 3.6 and got a few things wrong. It should be corrected now; thanks to Cheryl Morgan and Kendall for keeping me on the straight and narrow. This post is only intended to examine the potential ...

Brief(?) Summary and Commentary on Saturday and Sunday WSFS Meetings 15

As before, here I’m going to be free with my commentary instead of limiting myself to mostly parenthetical statements. Amendments will be referred to by name. For details and summary, please see the Sasquan agenda. Liveblog for Saturday here. Liveblog for Sunday here. Playlist for all segments of the business meeting here. Saturday Meeting This ...

WSFS Meeting #4 (Sunday): Liveblog 10

1334: Freedom indeed. This is Rachael, signing off.

WSFS Meeting #3 (Saturday): Liveblog 8

1153: Meeting is adjourned until 1000 tomorrow.

Brief(?) Summary and Commentary on Thursday and Friday WSFS Meetings 2

Just what it says on the tin. As a note, for my liveblogs I generally try to keep my commentary to standalone statements or parenthetical statements. I do my best to summarize fairly from what I can hear and process while pressed for time. This post is all me. I have no intention of reproducing the ...

WSFS Meeting #2 (Friday): Liveblog 19

WSFS Meeting #2 (Friday): Liveblog
1247: Meeting is adjourned.

WSFS Meeting #1 (Thursday): Liveblog 12

As a note, all the business (amendments and motions) I’m talking about can be found here.

A Monday Treat(?) – those 50 Shades of Grey notes

A Monday Treat(?) - those 50 Shades of Grey notes
So back in February, a bunch of people donated the princely sum of over $800 to domestic violence charities to make me watch and blog about 50 Shades of Grey. I’d hoped to get a bit more money for charity by holding my handwritten notes hostage; that didn’t succeed. After thinking about it, and looking ...


ALL SHALL LOVE ME IT AND DESPAIR. Thank you, random and barely coherent internet douchebag! Man, that was TASTY. Living with a certified mixologist is the BEST.