I buy stuff

I bought two things today that I’m very excited about, one for my head and one for my butt. Whee! I’ve been wanting a new saddle for my bike pretty much since I started regularly riding more than 20 miles at a time, and finally just did it because I was tired of my sit bones being in blazing agony by mile 23. I went for something more curved than the standard Bontrager saddler that came with my Lexa, and boy could I tell the difference. I did a 25 mile ride and it was like riding on a cushion of… uh… fake leather filled with gel, really.

Never underestimate the power and worth of a good saddle.

And the other exciting thing is I finally got a good pair of sunglasses, since I realized I’d need something to protect my eyes and block out the wind better now that I have contacts. These ones are pretty awesome – shatter proof, which is important, and they also come with three sets of lenses that are easy to change out. So I’ll have a set of clear lenses for night rides and such.

Expensive, but very worth it. I’m not planning to use these babies for driving. I’m figuring a pair of cheap grocery store sunglasses ought to be good enough for that. But man, I look about a thousand times more badass now too. Bonus.

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