Princess? Sigh.

ETA: I have since confirmed that this gifset is totally fake and I should feel ashamed of myself. I’m going to go sit in the corner. I have preserved the text of this post in all its unedited glory so (a) you can see the dumb thing I said by grace of not confirming sources [not yay] and (b) I still very much stand by what I said about the whole “princess” thing, because it doesn’t actually matter what guy is saying it, and it is a thing you hear men say all the fucking time. It’s still infantilizing bullshit.


I adore you, Tom Hiddleston. I do. And I totally grok what you are trying to say, here. But that word. Princess.


This is admittedly a bit of Rachael brain damage, but since this is a Rachael blog, I get to complain. I hate the Princess shit with burning passion. I hate it when people (normally guys) say women should be treated like princesses, unless the word princess is immediately preceded by the word warrior.

There’s a lot of baggage to Princess. Historically, what were they? Women of royalty who (normally) could not inherit or rule. They were there to basically belong to their father until they could be sold in the cause of a political alliance to another man. At which point the purpose switched over to providing (hopefully) male babies.

And then there’s Disney. Disney hasn’t exactly made the Princess into an empowering concept either. Princesses get rescued by the man and live happily ever after as someone’s meek wife. And if you look at the recent Disney “princesses” that have had more guts, most of them aren’t actually princesses.

Princess to me doesn’t hold the ring of respecting women. It conjures up images of paternalistic protectionism, rescuing the damsel in distress.  So fine, I twitch a lot less when a dad calls his daughter his little princess, because he should be looking out for her. (And presumably not looking for a husband and political deals.)

But please don’t treat grown women like princesses. Treat us like unique, powerful, and beautiful human beings who are worthy of respect.

Or if we must stick with the verbal paradigm of royalty, Queen is acceptable. But only if you mean Queen in a sort of Elizabeth I/Maleficent way. Because fuck yeah.

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