In which Loki moves back to Denver, at last.

It was at last time for Loki to leave his temporary lair in Houston, Texas, to return to Denver. But not before a few loose ends were to be tied.
So we meet again, House of Pies.
Very funny, mortal. And by very funny, I mean you will choke on your own blood.
Bring forth your strongest warrior!
If that is the best you can do, truly you are defeated. 
Loki approved of the motif on his conveyance. 
At a gas station, an old friend made herself known. 
“Together, we shall take this realm by storm!”
After a hot dog break.
Extra long, indeed.
As is most appropriate, a snickers blizzard.
Hm. Oops.
Someone has mis-folded the map. How… evil.
After a day of traveling, time for a relaxing bath.
Very funny, Wendy.
In Oklahoma, we came across one of Loki’s favorite mortal restaurants.
But ended up elsewhere. Stupid unadventurous mortals. Not evil enough.
What’s Australian for kneel?
Like a slumber party. An evil slumber party.
Another old friend was found. 
Not funny. Not funny at all.
I find your offering of crayons to be inadequate, Chili’s!
He took a moment to make his mortal’s hat infinitely more pimp.
Wendy punch!
And at last, the triumphant return to big sky country.
And a well-earned Boulder veggie bowl. Even not-really-evil-just-misunderstood gods go through vegetable withdrawal eventually.
The end.

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