The pooing of the hair.

I just realized to my horror that I haven’t had a blog post today. No, I refuse to break my streak! I was planning to get my awesome moving post done last night, but instead I just sort of stared at my computer screen and drooled until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. Then this morning it was all errands and returning the truck and then biking twenty miles just because I could.


Right now, I’m sitting in front of the computer with a towel around my shoulders and a disturbingly stained shower cap on my head. There is a good reason for this.

Every six weeks I have a good friend of mine come over to my house and smear something that’s got the color and texture of a cow pie into my hair. Thankfully, it smells much, much nicer than a cow pie. Sort of earthy and sweet and a bit like tea.

The poo is actually dried henna that’s been mixed with boiling water and olive oil. I use it because it makes my mane and tail both thick and shiny… I mean my hair. It makes my hair thick and shiny. And bright red. That’s actually the most important part. I’ve been dyeing my hair red for something like eight years (my husband has literally never seen me with my natural hair color) and henna’s been my magic bullet. Regular bleach and dye washed out within weeks and just destroyed my hair; the henna just stays and refuses to leave. To the point that if I ever want to not be a redhead, as far as I know I’d just have to make a clean break and shave my head.

Overall, I’m not worried about that because I like being a redhead, and I make a believable one. And I also find sitting around with my hair smelling funny for a couple hours while I surf the net much more pleasant than choking on bleach fumes while my scalp feels like it’s going to peel off.

And how could you say no to something as sexy as this?

I’ll make good use of this hair pooing time by answering the seven brazillion comments that are sitting in my mailbox, and then whipping up something silly for tomorrow.

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