Situational assessment: GROSS.

Twitter is exploding about the situation with Julian Assange. I am averting my eyes and feeling creeped out. There is nothing in this situation that is not gross.

  1. Assange is wanted in Sweden over suspicion of sexual assault on two Swedish women. Gross.
  2. This is being downplayed by nearly everyone who is a fan of Assange and Wikileaks: also gross.
  3. Yet the giant swarm of British police at the Ecuadorian embassy sure seems to indicate, frankly, that this is not about the sexual assault charges in Sweden. Because when was the last time you saw any police force turn out like this to deal with a sexual assault case? Gross, gross, gross.
  4. Ecuador is giving Assange asylum not because of the situation in Sweden but because of what appear to be very justifiable fears that he will then be subsequently extradited to the US, since America wants his ass in the worst possible way. Thus making the sexual assault case a pawn in this despicable game. Disgusting.
  5. And of course, shout-out to America for being gross in its entire response to Wikileaks, particularly if those are our grubby little governmental fingers prodding the British along on this. Nuclear yuck. 

This entire goddamn thing makes me want to wash my hands and never stop.

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