Paul Ryan. Whee.


Me, this morning on Twitter: Gosh, I am at the edge of my seat over which anti-gay white guy who thinks women aren’t really people Mitt Romney will pick.

And thus, Paul Ryan. Whee. He’s got the standard Republican anti-gay stuff going. He thinks women aren’t grownups who should be allowed bodily autonomy. He’s a climate-change denier. As far as I can tell, that’s basically the standard at the moment.

All that’s made him stick out to me is that he apparently does P90X. Which let me tell you, I would pay some good money to see him drag Mitt Romney on some of those workouts. (And then presumably Mitt Romney would hire an undocumented worker from Mexico to do the workouts for him. Zing!) I’ve done P90X and then I stopped because I just didn’t hate myself that much. So good on Paul Ryan for being kind of a badass there.

He’s also got the economics cray-crays in a big way. His proposed budget has reduced my husband (reminder: Masters in math with economics) into sputtering incoherence on three separate occasions, which is a fairly impressive feat when you consider Mike’s normal attitude can be fairly characterized as somewhere between phlegmatic and maybe I should check and see if he still has a pulse. For added hilarity, Paul Ryan seems to have a total schoolboy crush on Ayn Rand, except for that gross part where she’s an atheist.

Ultimately it makes no difference to me, because there are not enough drugs or brain trauma in this world of ours to get me to vote for Mitt Romney, who I consider a solid gold lying shitbag who stands out even in the kingdom of the lying shitbags. (The part where he hates gay people and has no respect for the agency of women also doesn’t help, obviously.) I just plan on watching with mild interest to see how this effects the campaign going forward.

And I think he’ll be a much bigger challenge to good ol’ Joe in the VP debate than Sarah Palin was. I have no idea what kind of drinking game we’ll need to craft this time around.

Additonal reading which is much, much more informative than my contempt-filled sarcasm: Fussbudget – Paul Ryan’s influence on the GOP from the New Yorker. The author of that article did an interview with Fresh Air on August 1 that was an interesting listen.

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