Gotta Dance

This movie was on instant play on Netflix and I had some time to kill while I ate dinner, so I thought I’d just put it on for a bit. I’m not normally one for documentaries or cute, but I actually ended up watching it all the way through to the end and enjoyed it quite a bit.

The film is about the 2007 senior hip-hop dance team for the New Jersey Nets. If ever there was a movie designed to make you feel better about getting older, that would be it.¬†Initially, you sort of feel like it’s a thing that might be played for laughs, but that definitely isn’t the case. They train hard, and actually face being not allowed to perform at one point because their run through isn’t good enough.The oldest member of the team is a 80-year-old lady named Fanny, and I’m pretty sure she dances better than I’ll ever manage.

I think it also definitely makes the point that the key to staying young at heart is finding something you love and not being afraid to do it. I wish I was even half as fearless as that when it came to things that didn’t let me hide behind my keyboard.

Though I think my favorite bits were watching the team hang out together, going dancing or shopping for clothes to suit up Betsy, one of the team members who had grown a lot of confidence from the experience. Heartwarming is a word I’ll happily apply, and not in a sneering hipster way. It made me feel happy and right with the world, and it’s nice to have movies like that on occasion.

It also made me want to dance.

Still attempting to get excited about the remake of Total Recall, coming out this weekend. I’ll go see it anyway, I promise. And maybe I’ll have nice things to say about it. Maybe I won’t. Time will tell.

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