You have no idea how disturbed I feel to utter these words, but: Go, Rand Paul! 1

I’m actually happy about a thing Rand Paul is doing – he’s doing a talking filibuster on the nominee for CIA director on the basis that he wants to know more about drone strike policy, and if drone strikes will be used against American citizens.

And I… agree with him.

Rachel Maddow just covered this on her show. Seems that Rand Paul got some relief from other senators – mostly Republican – but also Ron Wyden, who is a Democrat. But the filibuster is still going, and I’m glad for it. Bizarre, since I’m so sick of filibusters in every other context because it’s become bullshit obstructionism instead of what it should be, which is what Rand Paul is actually doing – making a spectacle to make a point.

Though of course, because it’s Rand Paul, there were gratuitous Hitler references. Because he can’t help himself. But I’m glad he’s trying.

My mom caught a bit of the Ed Show. Apparently Ed was really bagging on Rand Paul for this. And apparently he’s been getting a lot of shit on the internet in general because, well, Rand Paul. I think there’s a knee jerk feeling (if you’re a Democrat) that every time a Republican filibusters something, he’s just doing it to be an asshole, which has lately been the case 99% of the time. And there’s sure a lot to dislike about Rand Paul in general if you’re, say, a female human being.

But it’s also okay to agree with him on something. And it’s okay to say he may have a point because he does. And it’s amazing when Rand Paul and Rachel Maddow agree on something. I’m constantly shocked more people aren’t up in arms that our government is killing people in countries we’re not even at war with drones. And that it won’t lay out clear policy on that, and on whether it’s okay with killing its own people with what are effectively remote-controlled robots. I think we should have answers about the CIA drone program, particularly because it’s the CIA and the secrecy around this program is utterly disturbing.

So go, Rand Paul. Go!

Filibuster’s still going, though one of the Senators from Utah is giving Rand Paul a break. Guess we’ll see how long this will continue on.

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  1. Reply Janiece Mar 6,2013 19:43

    Um, yes. I, too, am holding my nose and tipping my hat. Darnit.

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