In which I have a gleeful girlnerd explosion over Pepper Potts 6

I had a minor nerd explosion this morning over Iron Man 3. Let me explain why. I’m going to go ahead and put this under a cut (…hopefully that works for LJ/DW) because if you’ve buried yourself in a box and are avoiding everything to do with the movie (including trailers and TV spots) then this is, very technically a spoiler. But seriously. It’s in a TV spot.

Yes. Do not adjust your computer screen. This is Pepper Potts in the Iron Man suit. (Click the pic to view the animated gif, trust me you want to do this.) This is actually not that much of a surprise to anyone that’s been reading interviews. For example, RDJ came out and said he was pushing for Pepper to get to put on the suit and save his ass. (Take a moment her to consider just how fucking awesome this man is for championing that cause, and also insisting on her presence in Avengers as well.)

But still. Actually seeing it? And seeing THIS:


No really. Click on me.

I am unashamed to say that I lost my goddamn fangirl mind for about ten minutes. I was completely unable to do anything but run in circles and scream OH MY GOD PEPPER SENPAAAAAAAAIIIII.  I am not even joking.

And I’ve seen a lot of other women lose their minds over this. I have no idea how guys feel, because I haven’t seen any of them screaming in glee about it yet. Maybe that is the response. So why is this such a big fucking deal to me?

The whole thing about Iron Man is that Tony Stark, while utterly brilliant and ridiculously rich, is still just a guy. What makes him a superhero is technology (bolstered by sheer attitude, really). There has never been a good reason there couldn’t be a woman following in his footsteps, other than basic sexism.

And what is Pepper? Pepper is, ultimately, also just a guy (using it in the non-gendered sense here). While I can’t say word one about their relationship in the comics, the thing I’ve always loved about Pepper and Tony in the movies is that their relationship has always struck me as very much a partnership. They’re terribly important to each other. The only place this has ever broken down is that Tony is always the one physically saving Pepper, and it always made me a little sad that a woman that damn strong always ended up playing the damsel in distress because, well, she didn’t have the toys. Now that line is going to be crossed as well, and it makes me so fucking happy I can barely stand it.


Now, I know a couple of years ago, Pepper got her own suit in the comics. Which is awesome, but think about it. Iron Man’s been going as a comic since the early 60s, and it was only just a few years ago that Pepper finally got her shot at wearing the suit. I’m glad that the movies haven’t taken that long. And I’m glad that we’re finally getting more of women being heroes in the MCU movies (without also having to play sex kitten), because while I love (good) superhero movies they’re a goddamn sausage fest. Black Widow was awesome in Avengers and her little bit of Iron Man 2. Sif was amazing for the bit we got to see of her in Thor, and it sounds like we’ll get to see her even more in Thor 2. Pepper getting to put on the Iron Man suit feels like one more step in this progression, and I love it.

And little twelve-year-old nerdgirl me who loved X-Men first, last, and always because Storm was so indescribably badass is practically in tears of joy. See? Girls get to be heroes. Girls get to save the day and rescue the people they love.

Next, how about one of them gets her own movie already? Girls should get to be title superheroes too. Look how awesome they already are.

6 thoughts on “In which I have a gleeful girlnerd explosion over Pepper Potts

  1. Reply Enigmatic Pharmakeus (@PharmakeusEsq) Mar 26,2013 02:21

    Be careful what you wish for: You may get Electra.

    But seriously: Yes you’re totally right.

  2. Reply Ingvar Mar 26,2013 04:56

    Next, how about one of them gets her own movie already? Girls should get to be title superheroes too. Look how awesome they already are.

    Elektra? Not that there shouldn’t be more, mind you. And Elektra is, well, she used to flip between Hero and Villain, back in the 80s. So, yes, more of that, please.

  3. Reply Emily Mar 26,2013 16:59

    i gotta say that black widow playing loki had to be one of my favorite parts of avengers. i loved that loki was such a chauvinstic, assuming pig, he didn’t even come close to realise that this puny female was totally playing him. awsum bit of writing from joss.

    i’d love to see a movie adaptation of miller’s “the dark knight returns”. robin is badass in that. she’s the one that gets wayne off his ass. just not “the dark knight strikes again.” that was pretty bad. varley wasn’t there to reign in millers bat-shittery.

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