These are the things I tell myself before exercise 2

The very last thing I want you to think about is:

How will this make me look?

The mirror is a liar. It wants you to fail. It sells you doubt.

No. I want you to think:

How will this make me feel?

Fucking powerful, is how it should make you feel.

Strong. Fast. Like you can lift mountains and race lions

And win.


Like you’re Artemis reborn, and no one can ever catch you and you’ll use your last breath laughing.

Like Athena, ready to throw your spear and slay a thousand demons.

Like a warrior that doesn’t have to fight, because you’ve already won against yourself.

And sweat is the only crown of laurels you’ll ever need.

Because you’ve won. You’re here.

You’ve won.

2 thoughts on “These are the things I tell myself before exercise

  1. Reply Miranda Mar 26,2013 17:56

    God make me cry why don’t you. Don’t suppose you’re offering coaching cause maybe you should think about it. Absolutely wonderful stuff.

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