This is your cat on drugs. 2

Since I’m going to be flying to Houston with the cats on Thursday, I went to the vet and asked for some kind of sedative for the poor guys. He prescribed Xanax, and suggested that we test it out on them a few days early, just to see if the dose was right and make sure my pilling technique was up to par. I managed to get the pills into the cats without any blood being spilled, and fifteen minutes later, things started getting a little silly.

They didn’t lay down and fall asleep. They just became incredibly uncoordinated and playful. Tengu got fixated on a hook hanging from the ceiling and we had to put him in his cat carrier because we were worried he’d hurt himself, trying to jump for it. It also made Loki release so absolutely choking cat farts. They should put that on the warning label. Well, I guess that’s the feline equivalent of being “loosened up.” Here’s hoping that’ll equate to less shrieking on the airplane.

The cats are still waddling around like drunken frat boys even now.

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  1. Reply Jenni May 2,2016 18:52

    When we got kitty meds for our cat before driving cross-country, we did the same thing and tested them out on her. She stumbled through the house like she was drunk, then curled up around the base of the toilet to nap, also like she was drunk.

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