For a moment I had fifty legs 1

Imagine this:

Thundering down the pavement at 26 miles per hour, rattling over bumps and potholes, hands going numb. It’s night, red and white lights flashing everywhere. There are people in front of you, behind you. You’re a freight train. You’re unstoppable. The wind is so loud in your ears you can barely hear your iPod.

And for one perfect moment, everyone pulls together. You’re a human being with 50 legs, 25 hearts, and you take in a breath and bare your teeth at the road.

That was my night. How was yours?

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  1. Reply Keeley Pollock Apr 26,2013 00:25

    Got to discuss ethical delima in my Professionalism in the Workplace class. We were given the situation of discovering a female child in our classroom had been circumcised… it was interesting because one woman in my group didn’t know what it was and another woman was Muslim and felt like the situation presented was prejudiced against Muslims….

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