I want YOU to be the underwire in my authorbra.

Well, it sounded funny at one in the morning. What could possibly go wrong?

But seriously, I would love your support. I’m now 1/3 of the way through my self-imposed Clarion write-a-thon torture and chugging right along. I’ve finally set myself a donor goal, and it’s not for some amount of money – I just want ten (or more) supporters. I don’t care if the pledge is a nickel a story. I want – nay, NEED – to be well supported! Cross my heart!

Like a… well, you get it.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (she says in a sad parody of deep announcer voice guy.)

Ever wanted to take part in a steampunk adventure which may or may not include zombies? I mean, who doesn’t? And who wouldn’t want to do that while simultaneously supporting an amazing scifi/fantasy writing workshop?

I’ll be writing at least four more stories about Captain Ramos and her pirate crew in 2013. If you donate to the write-a-thon cause, no matter the amount, I’ll throw your name in my awesome kangaroo leather hat. At the end of the write-a-thon, I’ll draw a name from the hat, and if you’re the winner, you’ll get naming rights (within reason[1]) to a character in one of these steampunk pirate adventures. Want to be a pirate? A drooling corpse? One of the lawmen hot on the trail of the notorious Captain Ramos? We’ll get it figured out.

Sound awesome? Want your name in the hat? (Of course you do.) Head over to my write-a-thon page and pledge your support!

Also, if you’re curious about my progress thus far, here are my two reports from the team blog:
Report one: Eyes Burning With Smoke
Report two: Significant Figures

1 – No, I am not going to name one of the characters IP Freely, or Mike Rotch, or name a zombie after your least favorite politician no matter how much I agree with you about them being a giant turd bag. Of course, I know everyone who reads this is way too mature for those kinds of shenanigans, but I figured I ought to throw that out there just in case someone has had one too many espresso shots today.

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