Riding a century for UNICEF UK


I’m going to get on my bicycle in less than three weeks and ride 100 miles. The story is basically that I’m nuts. July in Houston is fricking hot. It’ll probably take me 6-7 hours to do.


Personally, it’s a challenge. Last year I achieved the metric century, which is 100km. This year I’m in better shape and I want to test my limits. I’m lucky that I can set those kinds of challenges for myself. There are a lot of people throughout the world who face the far greater challenge every day of just trying to eat enough or find clean water. I wish I could give everyone the opportunities I had growing up, and the opportunities I have now. Just making sure everyone has food and water is a good start.

I’m dedicating my first century to UNICEF UK; they do a phenomenal amount of work to help children in desperate situations. A little bit of money goes a long way. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and put $1 per mile I’m going to ride on July 21st into the pot. You should join me. I’ll do all the hard work and the gross sweating. All you have to do is throw some money at my Just Giving page–and at no risk of a chafed backside.

Every little bit helps! Ride with me!

And what the hell. If you guys can manage to get me to $801 (random number there), the day before (July 20) as I am carbing up I will finally liveblog Metal Tornado. Or something equally awful if that turd of a movie isn’t on Netflix any more. I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS.

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