T-minus 14 Days: Training Update for my #CenturyForUNICEF

The Katy Flatland Century (you know, that thing I’m dedicating to UNICEF UK) is now just two weeks away. Less than that, technically. By this time two Sundays from now, I plan to have gorged myself on margaritas and a giant chimichanga at Chuy’s. If I can stay awake that long. But I wanted to give a little update on training for it.

I’m honestly incredibly nervous about riding a full century. I’ve only ever done a metric century (100km, or 62 miles) and a full century isn’t far from being twice that length. I’m afraid my legs will give out, or I’ll just run out of energy. (Though I’m planning to down fig newtons and bananas at every support station like a champ in order to combat that!) Committing to doing this ride for charity means that I’m resolved to not wimp out or give up, but there’s still the niggling fear that I just won’t physically be able to hack it.

I feel a little bit better about my chances after this week of training. I did a 60 mile ride yesterday, which is just two miles shy of matching my longest ride ever. I’m not going to claim it was easy, but I did it. And I wasn’t in immense pain today like I’d been a year ago after the metric century. I’m definitely in better shape than I was. In fact, I was in good enough shape to get back on my bike this morning and do another 40 miles. So this weekend I did 100 (technically 100.5) miles and I’m still capable of walking. Next step–do it all in one day, in two weeks.

Total this week, I did 180 miles, as you see preserved for posterity above. That is the most I’ve ever ridden my bike. I’m hoping to get close to that next week. As long as the weather cooperates, I’m going to do another 60 mile ride next Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

I can do this. (And you can still help. Even just $1 can make a big difference to a kid.)

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