It’s that time again!

The Clarion Write-a-Thon is now accepting writer sign-ups! So as you’ve no doubt already guessed, I’ve signed up.

Last year I wrote the rough draft for Fire in the Belly and even met that goal a bit early. However, I know I can churn out large walls of text on command, so long as I have a compelling story to write. I’ve done NaNo enough to know that, and the fact Clarion gives you six weeks instead of 30 days actually makes it a little more relaxed as far as pace goes. So I’ve set myself a goal that feels much more challenging – I’m going to write a short story a week, for six weeks.

As far as word count goes, this seems laughable compared to pounding out over 100k words in six weeks. But to me it sounds pretty intimidating because I have a hard time keeping it short, coherent, and interesting. I need more practice with short stories, so this will be my chance to do just that.

Oh yeah. And I’ll keep working on the current novel draft during that time too. Not sure if it’ll still be King’s Hand or if I’ll have moved that one to the percolating pot and gotten started on the next thing, but we’ll see.

Of course, the write-a-thon doesn’t actually get moving until June 24, so I can always change my mind and crank my writing goal up a notch. We’ll see. Maybe if you all heckle me enough, I’ll do it.

Either way, please consider supporting me in the write-a-thon!

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