Pacific Rim and the Bechdel Test 4

It has been noted by many (including myself) that Pacific Rim fails the Bechdel Test rather spectacularly. It has only two female characters of any note (Mako and half of the Russian Jaeger team, Lt. A Kaidonovsky) and they never have a conversation.

Thinking back on it, I desperately wish that had happened. That would have been amazing, maybe a conversation after Mako almost had her drift-induced disaster.

But I was thinking about it this morning, and the movie has something very few others have: two male characters talking about a woman and neither of them wants to fuck her. And it happens several times. And they talk about how competent she is, with the problem being Stacker is protective, not that she doesn’t have the chops.

That is refreshing. Even if I would have preferred a no bullshit female Jaeger pilot conversation and a little less Stacker and Raleigh butting heads.

I could go on about this movie forever. I need to see it again.

And a few more thoughts: [slight spoilers here]
I’m trying to remember the fight between Chuck and Raleigh. And I know that Chuck called Mako incompetent, but I can’t remember if he also implied that Raleigh wanted to screw her. Either way it would be kind if a first, for two guys to be punching each other for those reasons. She is competent, take that back! And I don’t want to have sex with her grrrr!

Though I’ll admit, that fight was one of the scenes I didn’t much care for, as much as I wanted to see Chuck get his face punched in. I’m kind of tired of guy  fist fights that are in any way over a woman where the woman stands back and doesn’t do anything. Then again, I don’t think it would have been true to Mako’s character for her to wade in. At least at first she also seemed pretty stunned.

Also, I thought over again about the pilot teams. All of them are blood relations except Mako and Raleigh. They’re mostly sibling teams, with one father and son team as Herc and Chuck. Even Raleigh used to be part of a sibling team. (Ha, and he’s a little brother.) The implication seems to be that family members think enough alike, have the right kind of give and take, and a naturally close bond that can be used. Drifting is about thinking and acting in concert. I imagine sex/romance would be a real distraction from that.

Yes, must see this movie again. I have so many thoughts.

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  1. Reply Sra Jul 15,2013 12:10

    Drifting is an awesome c

    [mild spoilers]

    If you watch Mako in that scene, she’s standing with her fists up ready to fight the entire time. I actually think the reason she didn’t intervene is that she knew it would rightfully get them all a reprimand (and she actually respects Stacker) – but she didn’t try to stop Raleigh either, and she was ready to get in there if he needed her, because she didn’t disagree with his actions either. That’s my theory, anyway. I’m itching to watch it again when I’m not too busy trying to keep my eyeballs from melting with awesome.

    • Reply Rachael Jul 15,2013 12:17

      Excellent, I bet you’re right. It totally makes sense, too. I think I was just too busy feeling glad Chuck was getting punched. OH NO I GUESS WE BOTH JUST NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN TO CHECK. :D

      • Reply Sra Jul 15,2013 20:10

        Oops, the comment that got cut off there was ‘Drifting is an awesome concept.’

        I feel you on Chuck! It was v. therapeutic tbh. AND WHAT A TERRIBLE PROSPECT I GUESS WE HAVE NO CHOICE.

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