Fitness for Fat Nerds Will Return

I apologize for not having any posts for the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of commission for at least another week. I’m having shoulder surgery tomorrow. (Bone is getting removed from the end of my clavicle so hopefully that will fix the extremely painful shoulder problems I’ve been having since November.) And in anticipation of that surgery making it impossible for me to do much desk work for at least a week, I had to rush to finish describing my first core and get the strat column for it drawn up and sent to my advisor. Which I managed to finish (thank goodness!) but only just.

So, I will see you (relatively speaking) in a week or two once my right arm is no longer restricted to a sling. Take care and maybe run a few miles for me, since I don’t expect to get a lot of exercise done while I’m sitting on the couch in a fog of prescription painkillers.

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