And because you asked: pictures with ties 1

I attempted to take some pictures with the new ties. Or rather, I attempted to have my picture taken, and my housemate Kathy tried to take my picture. I’m not very good at this picture taking thing, I’m afraid.

IMG_20130811_165937_819This picture kind of indicates how I feel about the whole exercise, really. I feel weird and self-conscious and never know what to do with my hands. But anyway.



Funny story, I actually did a shoot once with a photographer when I was in my goth phase. And I actually had a lot of fun doing that. Because she told me what to do. I just can’t come up with anything on my own.




Moral of the story: I need an adult. Or I just stand there and look awkward. Someone tell me what to do.IMG_20130811_162426_201And Mike says hi.




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  1. Reply Emily Aug 12,2013 15:28

    come and visit, and i’ll take you tie shopping =)

    <—tie snob. i know my ties =)

    that one of you on the deck looks really good. i think you look younger there than one i found of you at new years at george's.

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