[Worldcon] A couple quick WSFS notes

Guys at Worldcon, there is one more WSFS business meeting left for the weekend. Which is (oh god technically today, being Sunday) at 10:00 AM. This one is largely to do with site selection, but I’m guessing there’s a bit more business going on as well, perhaps?

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I’m not going to be able to be at the first hour of the meeting, because I am taking part in the Broad Universe rapid-fire reading which is also at 10:00. So if you’re not interested in the WSFS business meeting, you should totally come support us broads. Our dulcet tones and awesome stories cure hangovers, I swear.

But the other point is I WILL NOT BE LIVEBLOGGING THE SUNDAY WSFS MEETING. Or at least not the first hour. I’m planning to head over there after the RFR is done, and if anything interesting is still going on I’ll pick up with the liveblog there, but Donald’s been keeping things ticking right along so for all I know it’ll all be over with.

If you’re interested in more detailed information about what’s been going on, you should go to Kevin Standlee’s livejournal. Since he knows what he’s talking about (unlike me) he has much more coherent write-ups of the business than what you’ll find on my minute by minute attempt to keep track of what the hell was happening. He also has links to the various videos of the meeting, uploaded onto youtube.

For a roundup of other related issues, there’s a good set of links at File 770. I want to specifically mention Jo Rhett’s criticism since it came up in a conversation I had today withShaun Duke and Jen Zink of the Skiffy and Fanty show. From where I was sitting, staring at the backs of everyone’s heads and typing furiously in a futile attempt to keep up with the rapid fire of what was happening at the meeting, I… did not observe this at all. And apparently neither did the woman mentioned. I actually felt like Donald did a pretty good job of answering questions as they were brought up; I just found the meeting pretty overwhelming in generally because it was conducted at a very rapid clip (there was a lot of business) and it was also kind of like watching a D&D game when you have only a passing acquaintance with the rules. But obviously YMMV, we don’t all hear with the same ears.

Yet again, I would like to renew my call for volunteers to participate in the committees that have been formed to research various issues, most importantly the YA Hugo and the Worldcon memberships. I cannot give you definitive answers on who is and is not qualified to be on various committees, but guys, the only way to have a chance of effecting the course of these issues is to be involved. Contact info for the chair here. I’m not sure if at this point it’s too late to volunteer, but the worst you can get is a no, hey?

And also remember this, guys, for future Worldcons. If you are in favor of a particular issue, even if you are not financially (etc) able to attend Worldcon you can still roll up your sleeves and try to make a difference. The biggest determining factor for anything is who can actually be bothered to show up to the WSFS business meetings. Considering the number of people at Worldcon, there is a relatively small percentage that actually goes to the meeting (a bit over 100 people were there yesterday, for example, in a convention over well over 1000 people) and from what I hear this year it was even unusually well attended. You have the chance to make a huge difference just by lobbying your fellow fans who are attending Worldcon and will therefore be WSFS members, and most importantly convincing them to attend the meeting to support your cause.  (And not just once, but two Worldcons in a row since any amendment passed in Worldcon must be ratified at the next before it can take effect.)

I know particularly the YA Hugo issue gets a lot of people frustrated, because it feels like an uphill slog and people are passionate about it. But just with how I saw the news being spread this year I think we could all do a much better job of raising awareness and making compelling arguments. It’s actually a very, very positive step that a committee has been formed on the matter, and there’s now basically another year ahead where support for such a measure could actually be organized for next Worldcon.

I’m planning to attend the WSFS meetings from now on whenever I’m at Worldcon because they are important, vital even, when it comes to shaping the future of the convention and this part of the fandom. I’m hoping that next time around it’ll be a little less dizzying as far as the rules go.

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