[Worldcon] Photos and wrap-up 5


This was also my most dapper Worldcon ever.

This Worldcon was really different for me than last one. Last one, remember how I attended approximately a brazillion panels and took notes in all of them and posted them later? Yeah, this year not so much. I made it to a couple of panels–and nearly all of the WSFS business meeting–and took a few notes that I will eventually post. I also got to have a quick reading in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading–thank you to everyone who came!


This year I was mostly focused on… sitting behind tables. I did that a lot. But the tables enabled me to meet a lot of very interesting people. And also let me actually talk about my books without feeling like an awkward jerk. Because hey, if someone actually comes up to your table, they actually want to know a little about what you do.

Though I’ll admit, a lot of my sitting behind a table was done with a glass of scotch or whiskey in hand because I was the fearsome DOOR DRAGON guarding the SFWA suite. It felt like my own personal party, because people hung out in the hall with me all night and my minions kept bringing me drinks. I loved it.


So at five glasses of scotch, I turn into a drunken salaryman.

Definitely looking forward to my next convention–Fencon! And there, I’ll hopefully be on some panels as well.

Oh, and? I got to be very good friends with the Iron Throne.









5 thoughts on “[Worldcon] Photos and wrap-up

  1. Reply signaturefish Sep 3,2013 11:45

    Nice waistcoat on Sunday! *needs more waistcoats*

  2. Reply Ron Hosler Sep 3,2013 12:02

    You dragoned me with the easy aplomb of a much older and wiser authority figure. Well done! And the dapperness, oh my.

    • Reply Rachael Sep 3,2013 12:30

      I feel like I should get ribbons to hand out next year that say, “You have been dragoned.”

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