Just a Little Follow Through

Just for the record, on September 5, I said a thing on Twitter:


And now it’s September 15, the day the magical royalties elves at Musa Publishing send me the money I’ve earned with my steampunk adventuring over the last month.


money conversion

donation completeEasy as that. Do what you say you’ll do. I really wish the royalties had been bigger this month, but I am still the smallest of all possible potatoes. (And remember, if all the small potatoes band together, we shall construct a mighty anti-kaiju wall of potatoes.) Maybe next month. If you would like to donate toward UNICEF’s fund for the children of Syria, go here.

And now back to the writening! (And hey, if you want to help the royalties be bigger the next time I do a double donation, tell your friends to give Steampunk a try and have a novella-length adventure.)

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