The end of the Violence Against Women Act

Okay, so it’s been over a day and I’m still trying to think of some kind of coherent response to the House killing the Violence Against Women Act. Because all I can really manage is a keysmash of rage. I mean, the Senate, the place where good legislation goes to die, managed to get its shit together on this one. Back in April, for fuck’s sake. You’d think this would be easy, right? Violence against women. No one’s for that, right? Right? Just like no one’s against puppies.

Apparently Eric Cantor didn’t like that the bill would make it easier for Native American women to pursue their rapists with the tribal legal system. And others didn’t like that there were expanded protections for immigrants and LGBT people. I’d say Cantor and his friends should be ashamed, but it’s pretty goddamn clear they have none.

The Violence Against Women Act is supposed to get brought back this year. I’m not laying any money on if the House will be a bunch of shameful shitcocks again. My mom (a woman) taught me not to make sucker bets. Disgusted. I am just disgusted. And argh. Goddamnit. ARGH.


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