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I was a bad girl and worked on doing some queries and such today instead of doing my geochemistry homework. Geochemistry this semester is looking pretty interesting, though. The class is actually focused on marine geochemistry, where we use chemicals to make rocks yell HOORAH which is pertinent to my own research since the ocean is very involved in the carbon cycle, and climate. And thus, very involved in climate change.

I’m also going to be doing a one hour independent study this semester, as long as the paperwork went through. I need to learn about paleosols in thin section anyway, so that’ll be the aim… research micromorphology and then apply what I’ve learned to thin sections that Mary has from two sites in the Bighorn Basin. I’m pretty excited about that. I just need to get someone to show me how to use the automated stage on the microscope in the sed lab. Or tell me where the left occular for the other microscope’s gotten to. Because trying to use a binocular microscope only looking through one eyepiece… it started doing funny things to my vision after a while.

So expect some pretty pictures of paleosol thin sections at some point in the near future! (Near future meaning this semester… as was pointed out to me at Skepticamp, geologists need to qualify what we mean when we say things like “quick” and “soon.”)

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