[Liveblog] Sleepy Hollow episode 3

This has been fun so far, so I’m doing it again!

Later: Hrmph. This episode was really not as much fun as the first two. But I guess they can’t all be winners.

And in 3… 2… 1…

2001: Okay, apparently we get two review of what’s going on… first Ichabod narrates the concept for us, then we get “what happened last episode.” This is a little repetitive, guys.

2002: …yeah, what do you mean Crane’s interrogating the suspect? What the hell.

2003: Oh. Nightmare.

2004: “Freaking me out even more than usual.” Glad Abbie is still sassy even post-nightmare.

2005: We seem to be doing the freaky white eyes thing a lot. Was there a discount on contact lenses?

2005: Hint: No one is okay after watching someone jump to her death.

2006: …okay that’s a bit gross. Eyes don’t normally act like that.

2012: Ichabod versus the remote. Remote wins.

2013: I’m feeling less than convinced by this episode. But at least we’re meeting Abbie’s sister.

2014: Abbie, your sister is basically Sarah Connor. How have you not noticed this?

2015: Tall, dark, and British. I’m sure he gets that all the time.

2017: Apparently Abbie kind of stabbed her sister in the back.

2018: “It’s all over but the crying.” Jenny is apparently not an optimist.

2022: This episode is seriously lacking in sass.

2024: Oh yeah. Abbie kind of deserves Jenny’s anger.

2027: Oh good, they’ve managed to make the demon a lot scarier looking.

2029: Interesting that they’re sending Abbie in. Huh. Woman looks good in a bullet-proof vest, though. I’m guessing this is so he can go all crazy white-eyes at her.

2030: Oh, he wanted to talk to her. So he could do the crazy white eyes. That’s why she went in.

2031: Okay, that’s some effective use of the creepy demon.

2031: “He’s coming for you next.” Oh dear. And apparently that’s the Sandman? Gosh. I like the one from Rise of the Guardians much better.

2036: Who’s the Sand Man? Come on Ichabod, haven’t you ever read comics Faceless nightmare creature DUH.

2037: HAHAHA CHAR WOMAN. Okay and Ichabod trying to drink an energy drink. That’s amazing. Okay. I forgive the previous lack of sass.

2037: When did Abbie get access to the vault from Supernatural? I’m waiting for Dean and Sam to pop up.

2038: I’m actually really glad they’re bringing up the fact that Mohawks fought on the side of the Revolutionaries during the war. (Wonder if they got actual Native American actors for the little flashback…) Ooooh and then he brings up the fact that Native American ideas influenced the ideas for bringing the colonies together. That’s kind of cool. (And Ichabod is very upset that so many Native Americans have been killed and betrayed.)

2041: The music would like you to know that the Native American used car salesman is totally lying about not knowing anything.

2047: Protip: Never drink tea that color. Just… no.

2047: Protip: It’s rude to drink tea directly from the flask. Oh Ichabod, you sassy tea drinker you. He has magical British powers of taste.

2048: …where did they find those Scorpions in the northeast what? Makes it a bit non-traditional.

2054: …you’ve got an arm off.

2055: And Abbie just gave a demon… THE CHAIR.

2056: #TheCaptainKnowsMoreThanHeLetsOn

2059: They made the ceiling that wimpy in a mental institution?

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