Polecat Bench Pictures and Videos

I have been remiss – I posted all of these on twitter, but never collected them in to a blog post. Also, some additional pictures, and even some from Basin Substation, the site I wasn’t involved with. So:

My Polecat Bench photo album
Elizabeth’s night 1 pictures
Elizabeth’s Basin Substation day 1 pictures – She worked a 24 hour day on the first day. Crazy!
Elizabeth’s Basin Substation pictures July 15-18
From the BBCP Facebook page

Coffee sloshing in the pot in the RV, just to show how freaking windy it got
Bringing up core at Polecat Bench – what happens every core barrel. Video super noisy due to drilling rig and wind.
The last core at Polecat Bench – you can really hear how darn noisy the rig is on this video…

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