So, my day has been amazing. How about yours?

I’m in New York City to go to NYCC. Despite this, I have not actually gone to NYCC at all. So, there’s that.

Instead I ran a 5k this morning, the Terry Fox Run. Which is a charity run for cancer research. I like doing charity events, but I didn’t really go out raising money for this one because I decided to participate, spontaneously, yesterday. Because a friend of mine was going and I decided to go with her. I haven’t actually run that long before… the furthest I’ve gone is 2.75 miles and it kind of killed me. But I did it! Full 5k. My time was 37:43, which isn’t great, but I RAN A 5K OKAY.

I’ve been saying I want to run a 5K ever since I started running. I guess I just realized that I’d never feel prepared enough if I didn’t just do it. So I just did it. And it was rough, but I finished! Woohoo!

Then the rest of the day was divided between trying to get to and from the hotel so I could shower, and then being at Lincoln Center to see Only Lovers Left Alive. Which was amazing. Tilda Swinton is just too cute and I can’t even with her. There is a lot more I’d like to say about the movie but I’m kind of drunk right now and we’re playing Cards Against Humanity so there you go. So let’s just say it was awesome and everything you’ve heard about it is true.

And then I went to a diner and had sweet potato fries and ricotta pancakes with Kate and we talked a bunch. I can’t wait to see her again next week because she’s awesome.

Anyway, nowhere in there did I make it to NYCC, and I’m okay with that to be honest. I’m not big into waiting in lines. I could have done without all the mass transit fuckery, but this was all about hanging out with people and seeing my friends! And I’d rather do that any time.

And now we’re playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking Jardonnay, which is wine in hilarious tiny plastic jars. I love my friends. This alone has made the trip one of the best I’ve had.

Tomorrow–London! I can’t wait. Which is good, because I have to be up in like three hours to go to the airport I hate my life. Except not really. JARDONNAY.

(PS I’m sleepy and drunk so please forgive all errors.)

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