OMG Hats 1

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realizes she is dapper, but could be more dapper. The kind of dapper that requires a hat. A derby or a bowler, to be precise.


IMG_20131102_130822_383But then a dangerous and terrible amazing thing happened. Bev had another hat at her table. It was the first hat I tried on. And I told myself no, you don’t need two hats. No, how are you going to get those home on the airplane. No, no, no. But the hat would not be silenced. This hat and I shared a bond. It fit me like it had been made for my head. It called to me. I couldn’t just walk away.

I regret nothing.



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  1. Reply Keeley Pollock Nov 6,2013 12:18

    I love your hat and am jealous of your dapperness (if that isn’t a word, it is now).

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