Clarion Write-a-thon Day 23

Today’s word count: 3725
Cumulative Write-a-thon word count: 56044

The time period for the write-a-thon is now half over, and I’m feeling reasonably certain that I’m going to meet my goal. I’m still adding ever more notes to my outline, but I think it’s not adding too much plot bloat and I seem to be on track. Also, the schedule for my field work got changed around in a kind of annoying way – but on the bright side, it means that I’ll have almost a week at home between two separate trips to Wyoming, and that ought to give me ample time to work on finishing up all of the points on my outline before the end of the write-a-thon. At least I hope so.

It’s been so long since I’ve written something of this length that I’d almost forgotten how much fun it is. I did a crazy amount of word count tonight. And I didn’t even actually hit all the plot I was hoping to finish up tonight, but I’m starting to feel kind of punchy now and I could tell the prose was really starting to suffer and I was kind of straining to keep going.

Had a fun discussion with my dad over dinner in Las Vegas about the technology on the planet. I’ve got a nice little MacGuffin that explains why the tech level has to stay low in certain regards, and my dad made an offhand comment about how silly something was in Road Warrior, where they were burning ridiculous amounts of gas just to get a little bit more gas. So then I realized that while I’ve got my beloved ZOMG MOTORCYCLES IN THE DESERT, it really made no sense to have them be gasoline-powered… and there are plenty of other options available for a place with a ridiculous abundance of solar energy. So yeah, that was kind of fun. I’ve also had to go back and leave myself notes in previous chapters to fix certain inconsistent technology things, such as GPS shouldn’t be able to work.

So that’s fun. Considering my other novel was pretty much fantasy and more fantasy, it’s been nifty to have to think hard about technology, and what makes sense and what doesn’t within the limitations of the world. (Not that you don’t do that with magic if you build a world with consistent rules, but it feels a lot different when you’re doing it with tech.)

Favorite sentence two sentences I’ve written today: Mag stared at the little square made by the cigarette case in the pocket of Hob’s coat. “Don’t know what could be givin’ his lungs fits,” she said, tone edged with sarcasm.

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