Clarion Write-a-thon Day 7

Today’s word count: 2183
Cumulative Write-a-thon word count: 15768

I almost didn’t write today. I was completely exhausted after sleeping less than three hours last night, and then of course I needed to catch up with my friends. Michelle let me catch a three hour nap on the couch in the afternoon, though, and that carried me through until now. Even then, I was thinking about just going to bed, and she convinced me to write a little bit, just so I wouldn’t miss a day. Well, I got on a roll, and here I am, with another chapter finished. I’m pleased with it. Or at least as pleased as one can be with a rough draft.

And now, bed. For realz.

Favorite sentence I’ve written today: “That’s because I don’t have a name, dear one.”

(Not impressive in and of itself, but I like the conversation it’s part of…)

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