2012: Writing Year in Review

Written This Year

Novels: Zero, I’m sorry to say. I did a lot of editing on Fire in the Belly and Throne of Nightmares but grad school really prevented me from making much progress. I think I might have added another 10k words to King’s Hand.

Shorter Stuff: Relatively more success on this front, perhaps because shorter stories are ideal for picking up and putting back down while dealing with horrible grad student things.
Flash: 5 (spoiler: I still suck at flash)
Short Stories: 12 (six of which I wrote during the Clarion Write-a thon, one I wrote today!)
Novellettes/Novellas: 2 (just finished the rough of The Ugly Tin Orrery!)

Consigned to the trunk of awfulness, never to return:  None yet this year, but there are two that I’m giving the stink-eye that might be vanishing once I have the brain power to look over them better and do more editing.

Best/favorite story of the year: Comes the Huntsman, no question. It was an intense story to write, and I’m still very proud of it. It was also published by Strange Horizons, which has been a personal dream of mine!

Considering last year I wrote well over 200K words, by any measure my productivity has been much, much lower this year. To the point that I started getting a bit weird about it back in October because I hadn’t gotten to just write fiction in what felt like so long.

On the other hand I’ve written two drafts of a Masters Thesis, so I think that should count for something.

Queries sent: 102
Rejections received: 72
Most rejections received: For just this year, A Crack in the Mirror is leading with 10. For all time (discounting Throne of Nightmares) Entangled had 18 when it was accepted for publication by Specutopia.

This was an amazing year for me for publishing. I had four sales, two of which were pro-level, and signed the contracts for five novellettes/novellas, only one of which I had already written. The two pro sales this year kicked me over to three total, which means I get classified as a professional writer. That was incredibly exciting as well, and Comes the Huntsman was the story that did that for me.

Published this year:

  1. Entangled in Specutopia (which seems to have vanished, I’m sorry to say)
  2. Comes the Huntsman in Strange Horizons
  3. The Jade Tiger in Penumbra

Slated for 2013: 

  1. Hyperion from Scape
  2. A return of The Jade Tiger in the Best of Penumbra Anthology
  3. Murder on the Titania from Musa Publishing
  4. The Ugly Tin Orrery from Musa Publishing
  5. The Curious Case of Miss Clementine Nimowitz and Her Exceedingly Tiny Dog from Musa Publishing
  6. Blood in Peyote Creek from Musa Publishing
  7. Do Shut Up, Mr. Simms from Musa Publishing

Stories put online this year: 

  1. Infection 
  2. The Last Lighthouse

Unless Specutopia reappears, once I’ve run out the six month exclusive period in the contract, I think I’ll probably put Entangled online here to be read for free in February. It’s a story that I really like and I don’t want it to just vanish.

Also, I’m hoping to get back to my little fanfic habit once the thesis is done and I have spare time again. I’ll be working a real, 40 hours per week job for the first time in five years, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still have more spare time then than I do now.

Goals for 2013: 

  1. Finish King’s Hand
  2. Finally get representation nailed down for at least one of my novels
  3. Work with Kat on our joint project and get it done!
  4. Write another birthday story in February for Mr. T.H.; an important goal for me because the one last year turned out so stunningly well I’m terrified another attempt won’t produce anything at all good.
  5. Keep the novellettes rolling in on time to Musa and be faithful to my contracts there.
  6. Finish editing the stories I wrote for this year’s Clarion Write-a-thon
  7. Participate in the Write-a-thon again
  8. Be generally more productive than I was this year, since I’ll no longer have a thesis hanging from my neck like a stone.
  9. Flash fiction – how the fuck does it work?

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