Clarion Write-a-thon Day 1

Today’s word count: 1985
Cumulative Write-a-thon word count: 1985

Not bad, considering today got off to a very rocky start. I technically didn’t start until just after midnight on the 27th. But it’s still day one as far as my brain is concerned, since I haven’t gone to bed yet. And despite that, I even managed to almost hit my informal daily goal of 2000 words. Woo!

Considering I spent most of my day pretending to be part of a galactic empire bent on ruling the universe in Twilight Imperium (which I won, by the way) I’m surprised I got my head into the story at all. Not that I’m complaining one bit. I actually feel like I was on a roll by the time I finished the little section I set out to write, but I decided to stop since it’s nearly 2 am now and I’m getting a tad punchy.

Which may explain why this is…

Favorite sentence I’ve written today: He shook his head; blood whipped in a red thread from his nose.

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