Hilarity Ensues: We’ve Declared War on a Glacier

My friends, I present you with: 2012: Ice Age

There’s a volcano. It unleashes a glacier. Don’t ask me how. But it’s a fast glacier. A really, really, really, really fast glacier that’s like a brazillion thousand miles across and can get from the Arctic to the US in a day or two, because it is seriously pissed off and has installed a turbo. And then it destroys New York City, because that’s what you do when you’re the world’s fastest glacier that’s been set free by a volcano. Because New York City once spat on your shoes and called your mom a fucking ice cube.

I think I may have to watch this movie. It looks even more hilarious than The Day After Tomorrow.

The sad thing is, I want to believe this is some kind of ridiculous parody. But I don’t think it actually is.

ETA: One of my guildies suggested that this movie should actually be Speed 3, with Keanu driving the glacier. I am not ashamed to admit that I would pay perfectly good money to see that.

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