Geology photos for you…

It’s been a long, long weekend. I am only slightly sunburned, but my brain has melted. Have some photos:

Core photos:
Orchard Core
Almond Core

These are the two cores that were the final project for the facies analysis class I took last semester. Lots of pretty sands and muds.

Snowmastadons – these are pictures I took of some of the fossils recovered in Snowmass. I had the privilege of seeing them while I was at the Bighorn Basin Coring Project meeting at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The pictures really don’t do these amazing remains justice. For more information, please see the Snowmastodon Project at DMNS. There are a lot of absolutely amazing pictures of the dig site and more fossils there.

The Amazing Kung Fu Adventure in Moab – the Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu School went to Moab this Memorial Day weekend to perform at the Moab Arts Festival. While we were there, we spent a few hours at Arches, and I got some beautiful pictures. I love Moab so much.

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