I Wrote a Story!

A story of mine (The Falling Star) got picked up for an anthology that’s now available! The New Fairy Tales Anthology can be bought from Createspace, and because I love you all so very much (or rather, Mike Pennington, the head honcho of Aurora Wolf loves you all so very much), there’s a discount code that you can use for $2 off the cover price, which makes the book an even $10: 9RWWE4QP

This code ought to work for all Aurora Wolf offerings if you buy them off of Createspace, if there are any other books of theirs that you’d like to pick up.

And you can get the book on Amazon, if you’d rather, though no discount then.

I think the story’s a little different from my usual stuff, in that it’s a bit cute and sweet, and I don’t generally do cute and sweet. But I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and I hope that you’ll like it whenever you get to read it.

In less happy news, I got a rejection note (it wasn’t big enough to be called a letter) that came on a square of paper barely bigger than a business card. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I guess if nothing else, it’s certainly appropriate for Earth Day – it’s a reduction of paper use. Though I admit that I won’t be recycling it, since it’s now decorating my wall. But that counts as reuse, right?

Happy Earth Day!

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