What I’ve been doing lately…

It’s been a busy week… couple of weeks… month… well, from about January on. But I’ve been doing things with my time, at least.

For example, today I went to Denver, CO’s Rally for the American Dream. With 3000 of my fellow Coloradoans – including my husband and my parents – I was in good company indeed.

We did a lot of cheering, a lot of chanting. There were maybe ten or twenty “Tea Party” counter protesters. One of whom wandered around in the crowd and tried to start trouble with his bizarre “Can’t get a taxi? Blame the Dems” and “Shame on Colorado Dems for Voting for an African” signs. He was completely ignored by the crowd, and then the cops chased him off.

The IAFF was out in force, as were a lot of other union people – and ordinary citizens. At the end of the rally, the Walk for Choice took off. A lot of us joined in, since it’s another important thing to support. We walked from the capital to Writer Square and back, shouting chants like, “Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate!”

At the end of the Walk for Choice, there were maybe ten crazy anti-choice people waiting at the capital, on the other side of the street. It was standard “OMG THE BABEEZ” bullshit. It was also the most surreal moment of the afternoon – there was a very odd old guy with the anti-choicers, holding a very standard sign in one hand. His other hand was raised in a fist and covered with – I swear I am not making this up – a sagging latex mask of Ronald Reagan. Overcome by just how bizarre it was, I shouted across the street, “Dude, you’ve got a severed head on your hand!”

So yeah. The disembodied zombie head of Ronald Reagan doesn’t want you to have an abortion. Or something. Weird. Eerie.

I have also been putting a lot of time in at the core lab. If you want to see what’s been eating up most of my spare time, here are some pictures from our current core, which is from a meandering river deposit. I’ve tried to add some description to the photos, and hopefully it’s not too technical.

Busy busy!

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