Socksism? 2

Sometimes it’s the little things.

So I go to REI to get some more smart wool light cushion socks because I like wearing those with my Docs, and I need a few more pairs. After purchasing my socks, I noticed this.



Those are two pairs of the socks I bought. You’ll noticed the pair on top, which is a kind of light gray-green, is marked as “women’s” and has only women’s shoe sizes listed. Whereas the one on the bottom, which is a sort of gray-brown, is unmarked and has both men’s and women’s shoe sizes list. I guess unmarked means gender neutral, though maybe that’s supposed to mean “default to male” for all I know.

This is just silly. It’s silly.

I loathe this gender coding of color BS to begin with, and this one just seems particularly dumb. So men and women are allowed to wear gray-brown, gray, or black, but only women should be wearing gray-green (gosh that’s so super hyper femme) or that historically girly color, purple? Yikes.

Still dreaming of the day when we’ve done away with this men’s versus women’s clothing nonsense entirely. Seriously, people. Wear what makes you happy.

2 thoughts on “Socksism?

  1. Reply Martin Wisse May 16,2014 04:19

    To be honest, I see no difference in the colour of these socks?

    • Reply Rachael May 16,2014 06:47

      It’s pretty subtle. If the light isn’t so good (out the camera) one just end up looking like darker gray than the other.

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