Addendum to the TSA Post

Just a quick one, but I think this is very worth reading: TSA Enhanced Pat Downs: the Screener’s Point of View

The basic point is, some TSA employees are incredibly unhappy with this situation as well. Which I’m not surprised about; I don’t think most employees of the TSA are there because they get their jollies being jerks to travelers.

This doesn’t mean that I’m changing my opinion about the porno scanners or assaulting patdowns. If anything, I am angrier. In effect, the TSA’s rules have created a situation where both parties end up feeling violated, and have created a rapidly deteriorating atmosphere of hostility between screeners and travelers. How lovely. I’m sure that makes for some effective airport security.

And it’s great for pilots too, apparently.

So who exactly is this supposed to be helping? Other than the backscatter scanner manufacturer. Can’t forget about them.

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