Two storifies, two podcasts for Wednesday 3

I know, there has not been bloggening in forever. July has been and will continue to be totally crazypants as far as scheduling goes. But here, I have some stuff for you!


During my one long break at DetCon1, I went to the Detroit Institute of the Arts. I only had a bit over three hours there, which wasn’t nearly enough, but it made a profound impression on me.

John C Wright (misogynist, unconscious self-parody, conservative with desperate fantasies of being persecuted rather than simply irrelevant, and one of my favorite chew-toys) has put on his whineypants mightily (lo, verily he hath) because the evil liberal conspiracy that wants to set fire to every velvet Jesus ever painted forced Marvel to make Thor a woman. Or something. Thus doing his small part to answer the question we were all asking ourselves since the announcements about Thor and Captain America: Are comics fans more racist or misogynist? Anyway, I made fun of him on Twitter because I couldn’t be arsed to write a full blog post. And really. After a while all you have to say is would you get a load of this fuckin’ guy?



Comes the Huntsman is now a Podcast! Go listen! I just did, and I’m really pleased with it. And, recall that Comes the Huntsman was a gift story. Therefore.

I was on Skiffy and Fanty again, to talk about BBC’s Sherlock, season 1. As you might already suspect, I expressed a lot of unpopular opinions.


Other stuff:

I will be at ArmadilloCon this weekend! Here’s my schedule! If you’re there, please say hello!

DetCon1 was lovely. Major thanks to everyone who said hello to me and came to my panels. And a big extra thanks to everyone who came to the reading I shared with Leah Bobet! And then managed to survive Leah and I playing feels chicken with each other with our readings. You’re all super awesome!

I want you all to start thinking about this now, in readerland. How much would it be worth to you, to make me watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? And put your thinking caps on for worthy charities that could benefit from that level of agony.


Final thought:

Free fajitas are the best fajitas.

3 thoughts on “Two storifies, two podcasts for Wednesday

  1. Reply Cerulean Spork Jul 23,2014 20:40

    hah , i came to see if you saw that yr old target john c wright has moved on to giving sex tips now , to the horror / delight of the internets NO RLY HE HAS TURNED HIS EMPURPLING PROSE TO THE TASK OF EXPLANING HOW HIS KINK IS TOO YR KINK YAH HUH ! ! !

    pharyngula and lawyers guns & money have responded already but i dont think any dedicated fannish sites have , um , tackled that yet

  2. Reply Cerulean Spork Jul 24,2014 15:49

    oh good the more places the better , since he WILL NOT go away but his rx to every snub is to write FIVE TIMES AS MANY PAGES HAHAHAHA THAT WILL SHOW THEM ALL ! !
    & yet it isnt rly funny bc i know too many ppl who believe exactly this irl , most of them w the same fedora brand of faux chivalry

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