I’m wearing my big girl writer pants now! 2

I’m super excited today, for a couple reasons. One is that it looks like I might have landed a little freelance writing work to supplement my income going in to grad school, so I’m all wound up and nervous about that. But even more so, I’ve published my first ever short story in a pro market! WOO!

So pretty please, go to Beneath Ceaseless Skies and check out my story, The Book of Autumn. Go now. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

If you liked it (and I hope you did!) please consider supporting Beneath Ceaseless Skies, since the editor (Scott) is an incredible human being who gives sad little newbs like me a chance. Actually, please consider supporting BCS even if you think my story was total crap and you’re now about to flounce off in a huff. Because then Scott could presumably use the funds to find stories less lame than mine. So either way, we all win, right?

I’ve been pretty much exploding into random bouts of joyful squealing since I signed the contract for the story at the end of June. I just didn’t talk about it all that much (on the internets at least) because I wasn’t entirely sure when it would be published. And the last time I sold a story, which was to a token payment market, I ran around and told the world how gleeful I was, and then everybody wanted to know when my story would be published so they could join in the celebration. And it got kind of embarrassing after a while to admit that, well, I didn’t actually know, but I totally swear I wasn’t hallucinating it or anything.

And this morning, as soon as I saw that it was online and all official-like, I went and bought my affiliate membership in the SFWA, because (1) it let me check off one of the smaller ticky boxes on “nerdy shit I want to accomplish before I die” and (2) I just can’t resist the fun of being able to claim that John Scalzi is my professional overlord, and least kind of sort of. Though of course the real reason is that the SFWA is an incredibly important organization that hauls a lot of water for its members, and it’s a good place to go if you’re interested in writing science fiction and/or fantasy, and maybe some day making a career of it.

Of course, there is no such thing as perfection, particularly not in connection with something as messy as life. Just to keep me from floating off like a little glee-filled balloon, this morning Loki (the cute but stupid cat) decided to eat an enormous rubber band. So I’ve been following him around the house all day in anticipation of him gracing the carpet with rubber-band-filled kitty vomit. I did talk to my vet and he said for now, that’s all I can really do… hope that it comes out of one end or the other and doesn’t get stuck in between. So please keep your fingers crossed for me on this one. I’d really rather Loki not hoover up my new earnings with a vet bill, but what can I say. He’s a helper like that.

2 thoughts on “I’m wearing my big girl writer pants now!

  1. Reply Michael Garner Aug 17,2010 20:25

    Congrats! I enjoyed your story and commented upon it at BCS.

  2. Reply Rachael Aug 17,2010 22:50

    Thank you very much! :D

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