Happy Anniversary, Mount St. Helens! 1

You exploded in a spectacular fashion 30 years ago today! If I’d thought about it, maybe I would have tried to bump my wedding 4 days earlier just so I could have a shared anniversary.

…just kidding. Mostly.

There’s going to be less than normal going on in this blog for the next couple of weeks, FYI. Because there’s this wedding thing, and guests from out of town, and I’m sort of running frantically around. I’m just happy that thus far that the volcano at Eyjafjallajökull has not prevented any of my British friends (and family-to-be) from making it across the Atlantic, but the game’s not over yet.

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  1. Reply Dudley May 18,2010 17:11

    My new coworker (who is British) just had friends fly over, but in the reverse direction. It was interesting to hear that it didn’t cost them much more.

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