Happy Book Day to Me! 5

So… it’s a book! An anthology, more exactly, of the five Captain Ramos novellas. Just in time for more new novellas to come out. (Soon. Very soon.)

I’ve been working on this for a while, coming up with some new material to go with the five novellas. And a title as ridiculous and awesome as Sausages, Steam, and the Bad Thing: a compendium of (mis)adventures both dashing and dire of that most infamous pirate, Captain Ramos is not just going to write itself.

And it may or may not include an extra little story about everyone’s favorite, face-eating, tiny dog, Chippy. (It totally does.)

Go! While the cake book is still fresh and warm from the oven! It’s at the Musa Publishing site!

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    Any word on a possible paper publishing of this? *grabby hands*

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