Last Chance to Get Captain Ramos (for now) 3

Sad news that I should have been clear about sooner: Musa Publishing, the small publisher that took on my steampunk mystery series, is closing down. Which means that my novellas will no longer be available.

The good news is, that’s only for now. I’ve got plans on the horizon for the triumphant return and continuation of Captain Ramos’s adventures, and I will tell you more once I’ve got the details all hammered out.

But for now, you have a few hours left that you can use to grab the Captain Ramos collection for $1.20. If you don’t have chance to do so, well… good things do come to those who wait.

3 thoughts on “Last Chance to Get Captain Ramos (for now)

  1. Reply decayingorbits Feb 28,2015 19:02

    Wow. That is a huge bummer. For you and Musa Publishing. For me, it’s awesome, because I just downloaded all of your stuff to my Kindle, and I just happen to be going on a business trip for a week which means I will have lots of time to read, which means I’ll be reading your stuff. After reading They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain I became a big fan, but even my new faves have to get in line, and by shear coincidence, I have also discovered Greg Egan (yes, I am slow on the uptake) who is writing some fucking great syllables and adjectives from Western Australia. My “to read” list is longer than… It’s long, whatever. I’m happy I got a kick in the nuts that forced me to into this situation — I’ll be back later with a report from my journey to the Acks Side.

    • Reply Rachael Feb 28,2015 19:07

      I don’t mind waiting in such a nice line! Hopefully you enjoy the steampunk. The style is rather different.

  2. Reply decayingorbits Feb 28,2015 20:59

    My only other fling with Steampunk was Stephen Hunt’s Jackelian Series. it was a hot and torrid, yet short, affair.

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