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xkcd did a survey of what people called different colors and has now posted the results. It’s all pretty funny, for a variety of reasons, so you should read the post.

I was actually surprised that there wasn’t really that much of a difference between what men and women called the various colors. And that there was some consensus between the genders regarding “teal.” Because let me tell you, maybe my X chromosomes are faulty, but I have no clue what the hell kind of color “teal” actually is.

What I was most amused by, however, was the giant list of all the various colors, and the most frequent names given for them: Color table here. A lot of it is fairly ho-hum, but as you scroll down, you’ll find some real gems, like “blurple.” Also, “puke,” “ugly brown,” “bland,” “poo,” “windows blue” and “bile.”

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  1. Reply Emily May 4,2010 23:10

    teal: pantone 329

    or, if you prefer hex: 008080

    yay pedantry! =)

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