Facebook? Bah, humbug. 1

I actually have a Facebook account. I just only log in to it when I’m extremely bored, because I’ve never had much use for it. And to be honest, while I do like everyone who I’ve friended, I also really don’t care what they’ve been doing in Farmville or Mafia Wars. At this point, I am seriously considering just deleting the account.

Aside from my general apathetic feelings toward Facebook, there’s also the privacy issues, as well as security and possibly even ethics problems. While I don’t feel as if much of this affects me personally (I don’t use any Facebook applications and about the only pictures I have are ones of my cats) it certainly doesn’t paint FB as an attractive place that I want to spend a lot of my internet time. Plus people I don’t even remember from high school keep friending me, and it’s starting to get a little creepy.

Considering how little I actually use the thing, I doubt this would be much of a blip on the radar. Maybe I’m just more of a Twitter girl.

Questions of privacy and fairness and seem to abound these days. I’m looking forward to when I can get an iPhone finally, but at the same time feel more than a little trepidation about, say, Apple being the gatekeeper for the iStore and all the concerns with the DRM as well. I’m not a sophisticated user of technology here; when I get a new toy, I’m basically stuck with what it can do when it comes out of the box because I lack the dedication and brainpower necessary forge my own path through the digital jungles. So it makes me rather nervous to know that by buying a product, I’m ceding a lot of control regarding what I can do with that product to the manufacturer. I recently got to see an iPad; it was sleek and shiny and I immediately wanted one.

It’s just that whiff of “Borg” that has me worried.

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  1. Reply Anonymous May 5,2010 03:22

    just fyi–you can block all of the farmville etc application posts so you don’t have to see them and can just look at the actual posts. I mostly like facebook because it’s so easy to upload video and pictures there and then everyone I like can see them. (Kat)

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