Speaking of science fairs…

A wonderful story about three Palestinian girls going to Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair.

I think the article really highlights how important these events are for students – even on the local level. If nothing else, science fairs give students like these girls motivation to try their hand at solving a problem – either through engineering or scientific investigation.

And this?

The girls beat dozens of contestants in the West Bank to win the prize. But even after that, they ran into one last obstacle: There was only enough prize money to allow two girls to make the trip. After drawing lots, Asil was to be left behind as her classmates headed to San Jose.

UN workers heard this and pooled money last week to purchase an additional ticket. When Asil heard the news on Monday, she broke into tears, leaping up from the table to embrace her classmates.


It’s an amazing story to begin with, but you’ll have to forgive me if my blub is just a little blubbier because it’s three girls who have won this opportunity.

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