Random updates for today.

I received my official admissions letter from CU sometime in the middle of last week, and finally got around to ticking the little box that says “yes, yes ZOMG I’M GONNA BE A GRAD STUDENT” (I’m paraphrasing here) and wrote them a check for $200, then mailed it off. So it’s all official-like now – I’m going to get to wear the big girl geologist pants in a couple of years. Hopefully.

Colorado Skepticamp’s wiki page is now up, so you should go over there and sign up as an attendee. If you can do so without knowing the date, that is. The crack location hunting squad is still out in the jungles of the Denver-metro area, searching for a place for us to call home for several hours some Saturday or Sunday in the near future.

I am also of the opinion that the Colorado Skepticamp motto should be something like, “The highest Skepticamp around!” Particularly if we end up doing the event in Boulder.

The three whole people who read this blog (who aren’t my mom) may have noticed that my entries were so sparse as to be non-existent for the last three weeks or so. This is because I was very, very sick, with a horrible fevery illness that then proceeded to give me hives all over my body for the next week after the fever finally went away. Said illness was apparently an EBV infection, more commonly known as mono, according to my doctor. Let me tell you, calling it something as cutesy as “the kissing disease” doesn’t prepare you for how godawful you end up feeling, unless the implication is that you’ve been kissing a zombie cyborg terminator who’s come to the past to scramble your brain and various lymph nodes with an eggbeater made of razor wire.

I’m finally feeling mostly normal now, at least.

I am currently trying to work my way through this year’s Hugo nominees. So far, I’ve read The Windup Girl, which I enjoyed and would definitely recommend. It’s a very different take on a near future where global climate change has taken its toll, and I spent a lot of time being surprised by the unexpected turns the plot takes. I also attempted to read The City & The City and… didn’t enjoy it so much. I had a hard time getting in to it, and ended up returning it to the library when I’d read only about a third of it, since I couldn’t renew it. Now, keep in mind that I was also trying to read the book while in the vise-like grip of the epstein-barr virus, so it could be that I try the book again later and have a better time trying to read it. I’m currently working on Boneshaker, which has been interesting so far.

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