He’s a very naughty boy

You know, I’ve read this article several times and I really just can’t come up with anything clever to say about it. Because it really just leaves me feeling like I’ve just bee hit in the back of the head with a small antelope, sort of flummoxed and confused and wondering why is there a dik-dik in my house anyway?

So, I can’t even imagine how poor Mr. Patel feels about the whole thing. At all. Particularly this bit:

The influx was so heavy, in fact, that he put up a statement on his website referencing Monty Python’s Life of Brian and categorically stating that he was not Maitreya.

Instead of settling the issue, however, his denial merely fanned the flames for some believers. In a twist ripped straight from the script of the comedy classic, they said that this disavowal, too, had been prophesied.

He must be a very, very patient man. I think by now I would have progressed from the hysterical, angry screaming phase of frustration to the sobbing disconsolately in the corner phase.

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